Skincare: Fragonard Vrai review (Grasse, France)

If you’ve been on a tour package around the South of France, your bus might have made a stop here, Fragonard Parfumeur in the French Rivera. Here is a product of theirs, that I think is worth making a fuss about. 

The House of Fragonard has been in shop since 1926, it is named after the location’s most famous painter Jean-Honore Fragonard (a tribute to both the town and the love of art from 18th century). The establishing entrepreneur’s name was Eugène Fuchs and the business has now lasted three generations expanding their outlets to Eze and Paris.

The product line of interest to me is Vrai. Upon listening to product introduction from the shop guide, the Vrai Argan Oil summoned me. In closer inspection, I learned that “This rare treatment oil, made of 95% pure and natural almond extract (arganier/argan), offers deep softness for the skin and exceptional shine and manageability for the hair. Paraben free”. It also had a natural lemon scent, which pushed me to make the purchase. 

Since the date of purchase, I have been using this product religiously on my hair. Giving me natural shining results that lets my hair to look healthier than it really is. I purchased the Argan Oil 240ml back in May 2019 and up today (May 2020) I am still using it. Even after a year of use, the smell and product performance remains consistent. The product is aimed for both and men and women, can be also used for the body. 

It only takes a small pump, and a rub between the palms to warm the oil to allow the results to shine through. Below are 3 beneficial reasons why you should start using Argan Oil for your hair, body or both.

Top 3 Benefits of Argan Oil:

  • For Dry hair. Applying Argan oil can reduce frizzy hair, reduce breakage or split ends and improve moisture onto dry hair.
  • For Coloured hair. Argan oil can assist by preventing the loss of pigmentation on the hair colour.


  • Dry skin. For skin that is dry or flaky, it can increase the levels of vitamin E and essential fatty acids (oleic acid and linoleic acid) to keep skin hydrated and healthy.
  • For Acne. Argan oil can help with the inflammation, damage and dryness by improving the amount of essential fatty acids on the face, reducing pimples or breakouts.
  • Promote Anti-aging properties. When applied directly to the skin, studies have shown that Argan increases skin elasticity and hydration. Strengthening tissues in the skin and the skin’s ability to retain water.


  • Foot, Hand and Nail Treatment. To soften dry hands, cracking skin on feet and brittle nails use Argan oil to promote plumpness.
  • Lip Moisturiser. To moisturise cracked or dry lips, use Argan oil to create soft and supple lips.

Disclaimer: Please note I have not been paid or sponsored to do this review. This write-up is based on my own opinions, research and experience. Pictures used are personally taken, unless stated otherwise. I hope you find it helpful.


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