Tour: Day tour to Puerto Princesa City (Palawan, Philippines)

Are these future Hermes bags? Probably so, the image above is from a Crocodile farm called “Palawan’s Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center” we visited in the Puerto Princesa City tour. The so-called Conservation Center also serves Crocodile Sisig to eat. At its entrance you will find “Lolong” hanging on the wall, the giant saltwater crocodile captured in Bunawan measuring at measures 6.17 meters.

The tour started at 1 pm which we booked with the Canvas Boutique Hotel, finishing around 5 pm for around Php1,500 each person. We were able to rent the van entirely for ourselves. Having an allocated both tour guide and driver in one person. The trip included to these places. 

Day Trip: Palawan’s Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center, Butterfly garden, Mitra’s Ranch, Baker’s Hill and Plaza Cuartel.

Butterfly farm was more wildlife showcased to tourists, including wild butterflies, scorpions, centipedes and worms. The Butterfly garden also hosted Palawan natives from the bondoks, who also showcased their hunting and music skills. 

Mitra’s ranch is owned by the family of the late Senator Ramon Mitra (whoever that is) and is located on a hilltop. There was an open house which you could enter for a price. On your way to Mitra’s ranch, you could also view one of Manny Pacquiao’s vacation homes. Baker’s Hill is a bakery theme park that sells hopia, brownies, crinkles and cashew nuts, suitable for your pasalubongs (gifts) to your family and friends. 

Plaza Cuartel is a walled park with information about the American and Filipino veterans of World War II, dedicating the park to its survivors and prisoners. 
The only food we encountered during the tour was the stop at Baker’s Hill which we felt was rushed. We only had time to quickly choose the food gifts and line up, or else we’d have to pay extra to our tourist-guide/driver for the overtime.

Total for the entire trip is approximately Php9,000 for 6 adults. 

Personal highlights for me were as follows:
• I was taking a photo of a beautified tricycle when the owner requested could he be included, so it may seem he had travelled to where I came from. 
• The Crocodile sisig at Palawan’s Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center, because what a missed business opportunity right?
• Not being able to explore Baker’s Hill more thoroughly since we were short for time.
• The sacred experience of watching native Palawans share their music and hunting skills. 

Visited on: 11th November 2017

​​Palawan’s Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center

​​Butterfly garden

​​Butterfly garden

​​Butterfly garden

​​Butterfly garden

​​Plaza Cuartel

Plaza Cuartel

​​Plaza Cuartel, the tricycle owner who wanted to be included in the photo

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