Tour: By Taketours, 4D/3N trip (Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Niagara, CANADA).

I came across this trip to Canada from Take tours website while web surfing one day, the deal included transportation across East of Canada including Niagara Falls, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal as well as 3-star accommodation each night. Entries to establishments and food were excluded. Another thing that convinced me to take this trip was the pay for 2 and get one for free deal. The individual cost for the trip is $200USD since there was three of us, it was a perfect deal, we only paid $400USD initially for 3 people, online. I say initially because there was an added $350USD per adult and $280USD child when we arrived on the bus to pay for the tour entries and some prepared meals (3 dinners, 1 breakfast).

The Itinerary:
Day 1: Corning Museum of Glass, Niagara Falls Canada, ON, Skylon Tower, Niagara Falls Illumination.
Day 2: Niagara Falls Canada, ON, Niagara Falls IMAX, Hornblower Niagara Cruise, Skylon Tower, Toronto, ON, CN Tower, Toronto City Hall, Mariposa Toronto Harbour Cruise, Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, Chinatown.
Day 3: Thousand Islands, ON, Thousand Islands Cruise, Ottawa, ON, Centennial Flame, Parliament Hill, Peace Tower, Rideau Canal, Montreal, QC, Olympic Stadium and Tower, Mount Royal, Montreal Biodome.

Day 4: Keeseville, NY, Ausable Chasm. 
The accommodation was clean and comfortable, the only thing I would nitpick was that all our rooms had no main light in the room, this must be a common thing with hotels in the USA because when we stayed in Hilton Timesquare, N.Y. our room also had no main light.

As for food, we mainly ate at stopovers Chinese food buffets (twice) and Mcdonalds (once) for breakfast all at the person’s personal expense, 1 breakfast and 3 dinners were included in the package:
Day 1: Niagara Falls- Steak and vegetables
Day 2: Chinatown- Rice, Vegetable, fish, chicken, crab
Day 3: Montreal- Duck, vegetables and rice

Other expenses you need to take into account is $8-$10USD tip for the driver and the tourist guide, per person. All this information is included on their website, don’t forget to also exchange money into Canadian dollars or you’ll be paying extra in American dollars. Oh and don’t forget your visa, if you’ve got a non-US passport. 
Total for the entire trip is approximately $700USD per adult. Breakdown of expenses are as follows per person:
1.    Tour: $200USD
2.    Tour entries and food: $350USD
3.    Food: $120USD
4.    Tips: $32USD
Personal highlights for me were as follows:
• Corning Museum of Glass, the envious skills of the glass-makers in the demonstration show.
• Niagara Falls, Hornblower cruise. Witness the Horseshoe and American Falls in all its glory.
• Ottawa, walk around to see where the Prime Minister’s place of work and take a photo at the enlarged Ottawa signage.
• Montreal downtown at night, gourmet stores and cheese flavoured ice-cream- an hour is too short, ask your tour guide for more time. 
Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated or sponsored by Taketours. These are my personal opinions and observations. 

Visited: 26th October – 29th October 2017

Preview of the TourDay 1: ​​Niagara Falls Illuminatio

​​Skylon Tower

Day 2:​​Hornblower Niagara Cruise

​​Horseshoe falls and American falls

Mariposa Toronto Harbour Cruise

​​Canada ey

​​CN Tower

​​View from CN tower 

​​Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

​​Glowing jellyfish

Day 3:​​Thousand Island cruise

​​Thousand Islands

​​Thousand Islands

​​Thousand Islands

​​At Ottawa

​​Peace Tower

​​Ottawa signage 

​​Taking in the view of Montreal

​​Olympic Stadium and Tower view

​​Up at the top of Olympic Stadium and Tower

Accommodations:​​Quality Inn and Suites 

​​Edward Village 

​​Gouverneur Hotel

Food included in the package:​​Dinner at Niagara, steak and veggies

​​Dinner at Chinatown, Toronto, Chinese food

​​Breakfast on Thousand Island cruise, egg potato and sausages

​​Dinner at Montreal downtown, duck with rice

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