Restaurant: The Wholesome Table (BGC, Philippines)

“Eat consciously. Live consciously” the food mantra of restaurateur Bianca Araneta-Elizalde encapsulates healthy eating in the new age. This includes free-range meats, wild caught fish, organically farmed produce, gluten free, avoiding fructose corn syrup, additives, artificial colouring and trans fat oils, while still serving favourite comfort foods like pasta, pizza, rice dishes and baked goods. 

The Wholesome table was established back in 2014 but has now 3 branches around Manila (Salcedo Village, Power Plant Mall and BGC). Our visit was to the BGC branch and it was to try their breakfast menu. Being greeted by their Wholesome bakery at the entrance already entices the sweet tooth within. 

The BGC branch of The Wholesome table is hidden on the upper ground of a mall, located corner of 7th Avenue. The outside of The Wholesome table grabs your attention with their deep red dutch canopies, dotted with inviting wooden tables for you to dine alfresco. The interior reminds me of an Americana farm, using warm coloured boulder stones, stressed wood and wheat flowers to décor the inside. Do not forget the tree, that gives fresh ambience to the entire space. 

We visited this place for breakfast on a Friday morning. There was no booking a table prior to dining, it was our usual walk-in habits and hope for the best approach. As it was a quiet morning, we got a table without any trouble and got down to business. The food we ordered were:

1. ARROZ CON POLLO: Cuban-style Sautéed Ground Chicken. Green Olives. Sultanas. Organic Passato. Cuban Style Yellow Rice. Free-range Eggs. Tostones GF DF NF
2. MEAT AND EGGS PLATE: Homemade Turkey Sausage
Free-range Eggs. Broiled Tomatoes. Breakfast Side Salad. Sourdough Toast or Garlic Brown Rice. NF
2. MEAT AND EGGS PLATE: Homemade Longganisa
Free-range Eggs. Broiled Tomatoes. Breakfast Side Salad. Sourdough Toast or Garlic Brown Rice. NF
3. GREEN EGGS AND TOMATO OMELET Kale. Spinach. Leeks. Wild Mushrooms. Cherry Tomatoes. Emmental. Pine Nuts. Breakfast Side Salad. Sourdough Toast. V *GF option: no toast
4. CHIA PUDDING: Mango and Chia Seeds. Sweetened Coconut Milk

Honestly, it is seldom I eat healthily and I do like my comfort food of gluten, rice and such. But The Wholesome Table has given me the refreshing insight, that healthy clean-eating can still be full of flavour and good for you. So I copied their Arroz a la Cubana or known on their menu as Arroz Con Pollo. The Mango Chia pudding was also an inspiration, and I too tried to make that at home. The serving was just right, a lot of colours on the plate making it enticing and the knowledge you’re feeding your body right. 

A healthy but sumptuous breakfast/lunch/dinner out with your friends or family, they even have a kids menu, what a bonus. 

As you may know, I am not a fan of table service in the Philippines. It’s always a hit or miss experience, which can drive one crazy. The order was taken correctly with warmth and confidence, I guess it’s our fault we’re such low maintenance customers, but after that, there was no further interaction with the staff. We ate in our little corner, paid then left. Yes, they didn’t dance or juggle knives in between. 

For 3 adults and 1 child, we spent close to Php2,500 including tax and service charge. 

Contact Info:
The Wholesome Table
Address: C3, Bonifacio High Street Central, 7th Avenue, 
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Telephone: 02 8670000, 02 6214111
Store Hours: 
Monday-Thursday, 11AM-11PM 
Friday-Sunday, 8AM-11PM 

​​Exterior of The Wholesome Table

​​Interior of Wholesome Table

​​Coffee Bar

​​Daughter’s drawing

​​Flat white



​​Green eggs and tomato omelet

​​Meat and eggs plate (bacon)

​​Arroz Con Pollo

​​Meat and eggs plate (longanisa)

​​Mango and chia seeds

​​Gluten-free muffin

​​Open kitchen

​​Restaurant signage

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