Restaurant: Pablo Mini (BGC, Philippines).

Pablo, the much fussed over cheesecake from Osaka, Japan opened it’s second branch in the Philippines on the 26th of January, 2017. Focusing solely on tiny dessert pieces.

Place/Time:BGC branch. Discovered it, during leisurely walk around Serendra area. It is near Bo’s coffee cafe.

Ambiance: Small, bright and noticeable with its yellow façade. Clinically clean, as a hole in the wall type of restaurant, three tables to accommodate customers who want to eat on the spot. The interior is transparent where you can see everything being done to your food, nowhere to hide.


Food: Trying out their freshly Baked Cheesetart in Osaka, we wanted to try the Mont Blanc if it was as good as it looked here in the Philippines.
The Mont Blanc is a dessert which has sweetened chestnuts, topped off with whipped cream, originally from Italy but now widely popular in France, Hong Kong, Hungary, and Japan. Pablo Mini Mont Blanc cheesetarts in Japan are topped off with real Walnuts. The ones I purchased were not, as you can see in the pictures. I do not like it when products are not consistent, I get a bit critical and judgemental…

Made fresh, the taste of chestnuts was evident throughout, combined with the cheese base. I did not like it, it confused me. It was too sweet and the cheese cream base was a distracting element. The technique though of the walnut topping I have heard is difficult to accomplish, if that is the case, mine looked rustically perfect.

Occasion: I saw people doing one on one meetings there, couples and groups of friends. We were a family. So, I’m sure anything goes.

Service:Though we were one of the three tables that were there, our Mont Blanc seemed to take around 15 minutes to make. They made it fresh, to which I was grateful for, but found too long to wait. We were also not told, it would take that long to make.

Pricing: For 6 Mont Blanc was P700-P800 ($AUD21)
Contact Info:Pablo MiniAddress: Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig CityTelephone: +63 9279169425, 02 8101775
Website: Hours: 7am to 11pm

Since 2013 when I first tasted Pablo, I have been habitually completing rituals and offering sacrifices to the Pablo cheesecake gods. It’s a dessert that you either like or don’t, I have heard many of my close friends questioning my tastebuds for Pablo. I stand by my convictions. Though, the Pablo mini Mont Blanc is not to my liking I do admire the technique and process involved and will continue to sacrifice young goats (kid) in the name of.

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