Restaurant: Little Flour cafe (BGC, Philippines)

Little Flour cafe is a fairly new restaurant opening only in November, last year. It is a sister restaurant of Wildflour cafe here in Manila but was inspired by their L.A Filipino food stall called Sari-Sari store, serving delectable all day brunch choices, baked goodies, and desserts keeping those Filipino flavoured hunger-pangs away. 

It is located in the new World Plaza building, in Bonifacio Global City. The dishevelled chandelier of chairs upon the ceiling will invite you right into the warm and open space. I have to admit in all the places I’ve eaten in Manila, Little Flour rocketed to first place. All the rice bowls are done right and deliciously, an ideal place to take a friend, family, acquaintances or co-worker if they’re Manila and trying Filipino breakfast meals for the first time. 

Don’t be fooled by the austere, shining façade of the building it’s located in, even at only being a few weeks old, Little Flour café confidently displays hygge in their interior, food and service. The mixture of the industrial interior fad with geometric tiled floors, wooden tables and high ceilings creates a mod Filipino atmosphere that invites all walks of life into the space. 

As I was harping on earlier, the food here at even a few weeks of being opened is exceptional. Don’t let me hype-up your expectations, but let me tell you about my Sisig rice bowl, it had the right amount of crunchy fat throughout the rice bowl, saltiness balanced with sourness (I’ve forgotten if it was pickled vegetables that provided the sourness). But overall I was ready to order another Sisig rice bowl, after consuming the first one. 

The food we ordered:
1.    Sisig rice bowl
2.    Organic Lechon Manok rice bowl
3.    French Toast
4.    Ube Bomboloni
5.    Cassava Cake

The Ube Bomboloni is an Italian doughnut, but I remember the taste being overly dense for a doughnut, and the Ube filling too was too rich, which when asked by the waiter how we found the food? We commented on the Ube Bomboloni that it was too rich in taste. 

Some blogs have recommended that the space is good for meetings. I recommend this place for introducing an acquaintance/friend/family to Filipino breakfast and dessert goods. 

We did not know what to expect from this place, we had decided to go one morning just to try it out. The experience surpassed our expectations (always best not to expect right?). Upon arriving for a brunch breakfast we were wondering if we had needed to reserve a table, unnecessary as we were promptly showed to our table. 

The kind of service received was uniquely for fine dining; our main waiter even had assistant waiters helping her serve us. I am not sure if this is consistently how they serve their tables, but it could possibly be that they were still new and trying to impress their guests or the restaurant was quiet on that day. However no one could ask for a better service, we were spoilt that morning. Thank you, kind waitresses, but again probably best not to expect anything in case this was an isolated case. 

For 3 adults and 1 child, we spent Php2,500 including tax and service charge. 
Dining at Little Flour café rekindled my love and pride for Filipino breakfast. It’s not your cookie cutter plate of rice, egg and meat/fish dish. It’s more than that, it’s modern, it’s the space, the bundle of chairs on the high ceiling, the food, the crunchy Sisig bits, the Cassava cake, the unparalleled service that ties together to be a delightful experience that you want to share with your loved ones and friends. But don’t let me heighten the expectation if you decide to go, just enjoy yourself. 

Contact Info:
Little Flour cafe
Address: G/F World Plaza Building, 4th Ave corner 31st St, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig 
Telephone: +632 777-7383
Store Hours: 6 am to 10 pm daily (soon to be 24 hours)

​​World Plaza Building



​​Sisig rice bowl

​​Organic Lechon Manok

​​French toast

​​Ube Bombolini

​​Cassava cake

​​Baked goods

​​Open kitchen

​​Happy customers

​​Free wifi

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