Restaurant: Le Petit Souffle (Ortigas, Philippines)

Le Petit Souffle restaurant is a fusion of Japanese and French food, located in two branches Megamall, Ortigas and Century City Mall, Makati area. The brainchild of Le Petit Souffle is Pastry Chef Miko who has won international competitions in France and Hong Kong, and also winning Esquire’s chef of the year in 2014 who partnered with Kristine Lotilla, Chef Noel Mauricio, and Charles Paw. They are most popular for their Basque Burnt Cheesecake’s scorched with a caramelized top, to which I regret not tasting.

Le Petit Souffle may have been a hyped upcoming restaurant back in 2015, but from experience the restaurant it still carries its bright little light into 2018. Its name literally translates to “The little breath” focusing on an ambience that is both refreshing and jovial-like greenhouse atmosphere, imbuing a welcoming and positive vibe.

Ambience: The Le Petit Souffle we visited was on the second floor of Fashion Hall, Megamall, Ortigas city. Its bright yellow façade drowns out the rows of restaurants fenced alongside it, inviting you in to see what they have to serve. The greenhouse-like ambience inside, complemented with the stark yellow furnishings adds a playfulness, which adds intrigue to such serious cuisines they are trying to replicate (Japanese and French).

Food: Fusion food always leaves me confused, so I usually avoid it. But in this instance, looking at the menu left salivating and wanting to try everything they had to offer. From the Furikake Pomme Frites to the Basque Burnt Cheesecake’s with scorched caramelized topping, there were just too many things I wanted to try.

Food I actually tried:

1. Kinoko frites

2. Squid Ink rice

3. Mac and cheese

4. Vegetarian Shoyu Soba

5. Valrhona Grand Cru

6. Yakult Guava carafe drink

From the experience I remember the Squid Ink rice to be flavoursome and addictive in flavour, I just kept digging into that bowl until there was no tomorrow, the ample amount of seafood was value and delicious, also the Yakult Guava juice was a unique innovative drink that I have never heard or seen before. It was slightly sweet, but the guava flavour balanced the sweetness with its sourness.

Occasion: Ideal for friends gets together because of the bright, buoyant interior and night out with the Lola and the grand kiddies.

Service: Service was just right, not overbearing or scarce. I do however have to mention that some items on the menu we wanted to try like the soufflé Valrhona Guanaja and Duck was not available for order, sometimes that happens and is not in the control of the staff. We were even offered if we wanted to taste their desserts, available in their small, adjacent bakery.

Pricing: Lucky for the bill my friend who we ate with, paid for the bill. So if you ever come across this write-up Deen, thanks again ha Baks! The approximate for 3 adults, dessert, drinks, tax and tip included was Php3,000.

Contact Info:

Le Petit SouffleAddress: Second Floor, Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall, Ortigas, Mandaluyong City

Telephone: 02 9446541


Store Hours: Monday to Sunday 10am – 10pm

All in all, I found the experience in Le Petit Souffle was a wonderful visit, which I would like to repeat again since I am not finished with their fresh, delicious, innovative menu. It seems as though since they have opened, they have been challenging themselves to create delectable additions to their menu, avoiding the act of staying stagnant in such a competitive and varied arena of food. Please keep surprising your patrons with your exciting and appetising creations, hope to visit again soon. 

Visited on: 16th November 2017



​​Dinner with Baks!

​​Tita and niece

​​Squid Ink rice

​​Mac and cheese

​​Vegetarian Shoyu Soba

​​Valrhona Grand cru

​​Delicious ambience and food 

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