Restaurant: Early Bird Breakfast Club (Makati, Philippines)

I am not a morning person, but boy do I love breakfast. Where else to go for a Friday breakfast? Why not Early Bird Breakfast Club serving traditional Filipino breakfast options with a twist. Honestly, I just showed up for the Puto Bumbong pancake (a purple street dessert usually served in a tube-like fashion during Christmas season) which I came across on Instagram, the rest of the menu is a bonus. 

Early Bird Breakfast Club has three branches: BGC, Century City Mall and Eastwood Mall. Owned by Kendrick and Ellen Co, established on the concept of offering a 24-hour breakfast venue, theming with Manila’s hustle and bustle energy, providing breakfast menu any time of the day, in a homey, warm, vibrant environment. 

The Early Bird Breakfast Club we visited was at Century City, Mall. Ground floor, first left from the main mall entrance, there is two choices of dining (inside the restaurant or al fresco) which where we were forced to, as the entire restaurant was booked for the morning. 

The inside of the restaurant is quite feminine, with florals and pastel muted colours combined with artificial grass walling and the mod calligraphy quotes written on the walls. Outside is not as homey as the inside, but we do have more space to move around and the industrial fan is just a few steps away to add to the al fresco experience…

I am however amused at their menu, which is cleverly presented as a morning paper. It includes coloured pictures, description and pricing, just like any other menu. 

As mentioned before the Puto Bumbong pancakes were the selling point, provoking the act of me to catch an Uber all the way to Century City Mall, just to taste these odd but deliciously purple flavoured pancakes. The twist and variants of Filipino breakfast options are rich and suitable for those introducing their friends/foreigner friends to Filipino breakfast for the first time. 

The food we ordered were:
1.    Smoked bacon Slab
2.    Sweet glazed Katcino
3.    Lemon butter Bangus
4.    Scotch Egg special
5.    Yin and Yang Champorado
6.    Puto Bumbong Pancakes

From memory, all I can recall that was delicious was the Puto Bumbong Pancakes and its generous serving of 3 pieces, which I shared with my companions. Cooked in rice flour, mounted with coconut flakes and cheese, a delicious ending to a breakfast on a Friday morning.  My order of Scotch Egg was a bit oily and densely packed with ingredients, it was a heavy order, probably best shared between families and friends. 

Because of the interior, it feels as though it’s more targeted for a group of girlfriends or families.

From reception, we were treated humanely, which is rare nowadays in the food scene of Philippines. Waiters are now discerning of whom they will serve or whom they will ignore. Despite the little conundrum about the seating, we were served like royalty at the Early Bird Breakfast Club, our waiter making sure we had enough water, changing our plates and utensils for our dessert breakfast, making our dining experience positive.

For 3 adults and 1 child, we spent approximately Php2,500 including tax and tips.

Contact Info:
Early Bird Breakfast Club
Address: Ground Floor, Century City Mall, Kalayaan Avenue, Poblacion, Makati City
 Telephone: 02 2469069 ext:938
Store Hours: 
7 am to 9 pm

Visited on: 17th November 2017


​​Flat white


​​Bacon slab

​​Sweet glazed Katcino

​​Scotch Egg special

​​Lemon butter Bangus

​​Yin and Yang Champorado

​​Puto Bumbong Pancakes

​​Aunty and niece

​​Wall signages

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