Restaurant: Clinton St. Baking Company & Restaurant (NY, USA)

Foremost, what you need to know about this place is you need to reserve a table, as many people have the same idea as you to dine here for breakfast/brunch. They approximately open at 8am on weekdays, and 9am on weekends. Book your table for Clinton St. Baking Company & Restaurant through the NoWait app. Otherwise wake up early and manually book a table at their restaurant and allow a 30-60 minute waiting time. 

Clinton St. Baking Company & Restaurant is one popular place. It has collected renowned plaudits from the likes of TIME Magazine calling it the “cult favourite”, The New York Times labelling this place as a “brunch magnet” and USA Today describing it as a “charming cafe with outstanding cherry pie” just to name a few. 

Clinton St. Baking Company & Restaurant opened its doors in 2001 as a small cafe and has since then expanded to a bakery and restaurant, opened 7 days a week. Their menu includes Southern comfort food and baked goods that are made freshly daily. They are most popular for their blueberry pancakes and fluffy buttermilk biscuit, to which I will tell you more about later. 

Ambience: On the right hand side, the red entrance pops into visual as you walk towards the end of Clinton St. You know it’s the right place, as the queue of restless people confirms it. If you arrive later, allow a 30-60 minute waiting time to get a table. Otherwise the ambiance is busy, the servers are brisk-walking with cups of coffee and plates of blueberry pancakes in hand. There’s an open bar at 9am in the morning, and everyone just seems to be talking about his or her daily matters without any reservations, while enjoying his or her freshly made refined goods.  

Food: It’s ideal to come here for brunch, but the amount of people who dine here, will push your schedule back. Best to come here early in the morning. Looking at the menu, you know it’s just the kind of comfort food they eat at the South. If I had 4 stomachs, I would have ordered five dishes or so, but hence I only have the one, so I ordered two plates of food.

  1. Country Breakfast: Three eggs any style, Heritage maple cured ham, hash brown and buttermilk biscuit.
  2. Pancakes with warm maple butter:  Wild maine blueberry, banana walnut or chocolate chunk.

If you’re not counting calories and generally have thrown all your care about your waistline out the window, this place can become a delicious habit, albeit the waiting time. The buttermilk biscuit reminds me of fluffy scones, delicious on the lips, but forever on the hips. Maple cured ham was sweet and succulent, the hash brown was soft with bits of crunchiness just like what you’d imagine. And the finale their homemade pancakes with wild maine blueberry, just as my imaginable Mama from the south would make it, fluffy and comforting to my troubled soul.

Occasion: Brunch preferably, but breakfast will suffice- just as long as you get a table. They’re open for dinner too. So don’t fret, if you have to stay there all day to dine there, do it.

Service:I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but New Yorkers are warm and friendly people. They’re probably cringing at the thought that they are described as warm and friendly, but that’s how I found my encounters to be. From New York Yuppies whom I’d ask directions from, Shop keepers who allow me to use their toilet without purchasing anything, to my welcoming host from the Lower East Side, New Yorkers are changing their image slowly.

Now back to the service, impeccable. Friendly, knowing and attentive, even with 10 other tables all asking for her attention, our waitress held her ground and served without any sweat dripping from her neck.

Pricing: For 2 adults and 1 child $80USD, VAT included. Make sure you tip that hard working waitress 15% to 20% on top.
Contact Info:Clinton St. Baking Company & RestaurantAddress: 4 Clinton Street (btw. East Houston & Stanton)
New York, NY 10002Telephone: 646-602-6263


Other than their Lower East Side location in New York, they’ve since expanded to Tokyo, Dubai, Bangkok and Singapore. So even after a day of waiting for a table, and you still can’t get in, go back to work, save your money, book a trip to Tokyo or Dubai or Bangkok or Singapore whichever has the cheapest flights, book your table a month ahead and relax knowing you’ll get a table at Clinton St Baking Company & Restaurant and bite into their famous blueberry pancakes, finally.

Date of visit: 23rd October 2017

​​Outside view of the restaurant

​​Servers moving so fast, they’re a blur

​​Delicious hot chocolate

​​Country breakfast

​​Wild maine blueberry pancakes, with warm maple syrup

​​Queue after our early breakfast

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