Restaurant: Breakfast by Sokyo (Sydney, Australia)

Sokyo is a Japanese restaurant that has its name inspired by Sydney meeting Tokyo, making it Sokyo. They serve lunch and dinner, but for this occasion, we tried their Japanese breakfast. 

The head chef of this award-winning restaurant is Chase Kojima, inspired by his Japanese heritage he has combined his Californian upbringing and the cooking traditions learned from his father to make unique Japanese dishes. At age 29 he has headed restaurants from all over the world under the Nobu restaurant group and now holds a Chef’s hat for his Sokyo restaurant, along with many other accolades.

Entering to Sokyo restaurant during breakfast is an instant transition from day to night. The interior is dark and all the ambient lights are all open, there is hardly any natural light in the space, but the food makes you forget that. I can imagine at night the restaurant may definitely be a mood maker or maybe a whole day spent at the casino, this will you ease you from losing all your money to reality. 

It’s best to book your visit to Sokyo via may it be breakfast, lunch or dinner, I’ve read on many blogs that some could not get in because they failed to reserve a table. Also maybe the earlier you arrive, the better. By the time we left from breakfast, the restaurant was getting busy and more people were filing in. 

Breakfast by Sokyo is full of options. You can either opt for the full Continental Japanese fusion buffet or A la Carte or if you’re like me, you can try both.


An “a la carte” dish, a tea or a coffee                                                          $22.50   
Full continental buffet and a tea or a coffee                                                $28.00   
Full continental buffet, an “a la carte” dish and a tea or a coffee             $38.00

From the A la Carte menu we chose:

1.    Sokyo Seafood Bowl: Glacier 51 toothfish, salmon, octopus, flying fish roe, cucumber, beni shoga, Hokkaido yumepirika rice, onsen tamago.
2.    Spanner Crab Omelette:Omelette, Spanner Crab, Spicy Mayonnaise, Red Radish, Micro Shiso.
3.    Traditional “Choushoku” Breakfast:Fish of the Day, miso soup, Onsen tamago, edamame, Hokkaido yumepirika rice, nori, Japanese pickles.

All my company found their meals to be delicious (Sokyo Seafood Bowl and Traditional Choushoku breakfast). My order was the Spanner Crab omelette which I found to be light and fluffy on the palate but thought the crab would be cooked throughout the omelette, it was separately garnished on top of the omelette instead. Beside it, it had a spicy mayo sauce, which I found overpowering the gentle flavours of the dish. Maybe a Yuzu flavoured hollandaise would suit the omelette better. 

As for the Buffet selection, one could not get excited enough about the Japanese flavoured pastries (Matcha cruffins and Yuzu berries danish) I was Disappointed not to see any black sesame muffins (as I saw in other bloggers website). There was also Yakisoba, Cheese selections, Nuts, Yoghurt, Cereals, Fresh fruits and complimentary Coffee/Tea. I could not get enough of the Yuzu berries danish, its light refreshing flavour along with the tartness of the berries was an addictive taste, leaving you wanting more. 

We came here for a birthday as a family, three adults and 1 child. Suitable for couples, families and small groups. 

Service was professional from the get-go, our section waiters were attentive to our empty water glasses (which I love), clearing our used plates and they even organised our free parking ticket, after only mentioning it once. All our questions were answered promptly and warmly. I would not mind visiting again, just based on their service. 

For 3 adults and 1 child, we spent $AU152, $AU38 each person including children. Just to let you know we were also given free all day parking for dining at The Star. 
All in all the experience was pleasant, though there is only a limited amount of food, the array is quality and enough to fill you up, even if you keep coming back for more. Best to try both the A la Carte and Buffet Continental, so you can get the best of both worlds. In all honesty I just wanted to try the Japanese pastries and see Chef Kojima from afar. 

Contact Info:
Address: Level G, The Darling, The Star, 80 Pyrmont Street, Pyrmont, NSW, 2009, AU
Telephone: (02) 9657 9161
Store Hours: 
7 am to 10:30 am

Visited: 6th May, 2018

​​Sokyo signage, adjacent to The Darling hotel entrance

​​Sokyo front of house


​​Complimentary coffee or tea

​​Spanner Crab Omelette 

​​Sokyo Seafood bowl

​​Interior design

​​Continental Buffet breakfast

​​Pastries galore

Orange and Apple juice

​​Fresh fruits

​​Cold cuts

​​Yuzu berries danish


​​Street entrance/exit

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