Restaurant: Breakfast at Antonio’s (Tagaytay, Philippines).

Breakfast at Antonio’s is approximately a 2-hour drive from Makati, Philippines. It focuses on an all-day breakfast menu with influences of Filipino, American and European taste buds. It’s a no reservation venue, so basically first come first served basis. Open from 7am to 10pm everyday.

So imagine my apprehensive nerves to be told by our hired ride, that we needed a reservation to guarantee a table on a busy Saturday morning. As you do, you just imagine the 3 hour wait (2 hours for the actual table and 1 hour for the food to actually arrive).


Place/Time:So we arrive 9 am on the dot on a Saturday, six of us casually strolling in, hawking out for the line to the door outside. Where was the endless queue I had imagined? We asked for a table for 6 people, we were advised our table was just to be set. We sat down, trying to get comfortable as the table setting may take awhile, but after 3 minutes or so we were showed to our table. Now, it may not have been overlooking the Taal Volcano as I had hoped (all those tables were already in use), but it was a spacious table near the entrance that accommodated us well and quickly than expected.


Ambiance:I first heard of Antonio’s back in 2013, already I was allured at the thought of travelling for 2 hours for a good meal. It is an open-planned restaurant, with no superfluous walls to obscure the flow of air. The dining hall seem to have been divided into two sections, the lower corner for smaller tables close to the window and Taal Volcano view and the upper level for bigger tables like our group of 6 or above. The interior from ceiling to the floor, mostly comprises of wood in different colours, decorated with accents of ornate ceramic walling for the bar, antique mirrors and paintings. Not sure what kind of wood, but it surely held its lacquer till that day of visit.

Breakfast at Antonio’s also has an in-house bakery which sells freshly baked goods, from cookies, pastries and deli goods. All available to you, before you leave for your next stop in Tagaytay.



Food:There is an abundant choice of food in most categories an ordinary man may wish for. From Grilled Four Cheese sandwich, Eggs Benedict, Crepes, Frittatas, Roesti, Salads, Housemade Granola, Pizzas, Pastas and desserts just to name a few. Upon service they offer complimentary bread, butter and home-made jams (6 varieties). 
Though we occasionally follow food trends or specialties in restaurants, we somehow remained conservative with our choices of food at Breakfast at Antonio’s. Here is a list of the food we ordered:

  1. Housemade Corned beef and swiss cheese
  2. Housemade sliced bacon with potatoes and egg
  3. House meatloaf with rice and egg
  4. Smoked Salmon on wheat bread
  5. Croissant French Toast
  6. Chicken Oriental Salad

​​Housemade Corned beef and swiss cheese

​​Housemade sliced bacon with potatoes and egg

​​House meatloaf with rice and egg

Smoked Salmon on wheat bread

​​Croissant French Toast

​​Chicken Oriental Salad

The servings were more than enough, and if you have small stomachs like some of my companions, you are forced to finish your order as you don’t want a good piece of homemade corned beef go to waste. Okay, I didn’t want my food to go to waste and watch my hard-earned peso go to the bin (my military father has trained me well). The flavours are at par with some of the cafés I’ve eaten in Sydney, not compromising the ingredients to deliver quality breakfast. I enjoyed the Chicken Oriental Salad, with its crunchy but fresh flavours it presented.

Occasion:As it is a bit out of the way from Manila/Makati, a nice trip here with family or group of friends would be suitable. Even if it’s just with your special someone you want to spoil for breakfast.


Service:Service from the get-go was excellent, quick, efficient, warm and attentive. From the seating to the photo op (more on that later) and my favourite part of service- automatic topping of water (without being asked). It is an experience all hospitality professionals should experience or aspire for. Okay, that’s just me being subjective purely based on that ONE wonderful experience I had with Breakfast at Antonio’s, but in retrospect they have looked at the bigger picture (of food, ambiance and service), attracting the large amount of customers that intentionally travel to their destination without hesitation.


Pricing:For 5 adults and 1 child, the bill with drinks and service charge came to approximately Php4,000-Php5,000. Though this is a hefty amount for the ordinary local, may I recommend to savour a visit to Breakfast at Antonio’s for a special occasion.
Contact Info:Breakfast at Antonio’sAddress: E. Aguinaldo Highway, Barangay Bagong Tubig, Tagaytay CityTelephone: 046.413.0738 / +63.909.234.7304
Website: Hours: Monday to Sunday, 7am to 9pm

Though not a unique experience for myself, Breakfast at Antonio’s delivers without skimping on quality ingredients for your meals. The service is there (as long as you pay the service charge) and the ambiance exists, as long as you make the effort to arrive early so a table with the view of Taal Volcano will be surely available. As I have mentioned before, I only give perfect scoring for picture perfect Michelin experiences. So I gladly give Breakfast at Antonio’s 4 Katrina hearts out of five. 

So what could top off an enjoyable breakfast with family and friends? Meeting the brains of Breakfast at Antonio’s himself, Antonio Escalante. With five restaurants/bars under his name, Chef Antonio has a welcoming but confident aura about him. He is guised with his accomplishments, but he remains grounded and giving to his fans, like me. To which I took advantage of and took an awkward photo with him. In return, probably seeing the fan girl in me, he announced that he would be giving my table freshly baked cookies.

Thank you Chef Antonio, you made my day.


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