Perfume: Byredo Blanche Eau de Parfum, on my pulse points.

Admittedly, I put this on my wish list because I saw it on Pinterest, and thought what beautiful simple packaging to have on my vanity. I am a sucker for well-packaged products, being a frustrated graphic designer in my past life.

So like I said, I put it on my wish list and got it for my birthday. I read the description on their website, that it is a perfume inspired by the colour white, capturing innocence and purity, and created for an appreciation for classic beauty. What well-crafted words that flower the product to be coveted by gudgeons like me. That obviously sold me, cause here I am blogging about it.


It further describes the notes in the perfume. It starts off with the top notes; Aldehyde, Pink pepper, White rose. Heart notes; Neroli, Peony and Violet. Lastly, the base notes; Blonde woods, Musk and Sandalwood. Read more here on how to differentiate fragrance notes.


So how is it you’re wondering?It smells like fresh laundry, without the fabric softener. Clean, neutral with a musky talcum powder scent. Given that it was launched in 2009 and it’s a unisex fragrance, I do just believe the sudden hype I was carried with on Pinterest, was purely aesthetic. For $AU245 for 100ml I do not appreciate and cannot afford the hefty price tag. Though the smell is somewhat unique with it’s androgynous approach, it’s the packaging that won me over in the end.


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