High Tea: The Palm Courts (NY, USA)

Located on the same floor of The Plaza entrance, The Palm Court is an iconic destination in New York City. Popular for its adaptation of the Eloise character (from the movie Eloise at The Plaza), they have packaged a high tea targeted for young girls and an equally exciting high tea selection for their parents. 

High tea began in the 1700s in Britain. It is a British tradition that occurred between 3pm-4pm with working men, who stood up or sat on tall stools, giving the name “high” while scones, cakes and cheese on toast would be served. Over time, ladies and gentleman had this afternoon meal before a show at the theatre or before playing card games, as dinner would be served later. 

The Palm Court is a timeless establishment and has gone through several renovations ever since it opened in 1907, but the identity of the room somewhat remains the same. Its interior is inspired by the nearby Central Park, with its lush foliage and potted plants. It has been mentioned in famous novels and films, most notably The Great Gatsby by Fitzgerald. 
​​The Plaza Hotel Foyer

​​The Palm Court Menus

​​Eloise High tea, for the young lady

​​Customised Eloise tea-pot and cup

​​Morsels of joy

​​The New Yorker High tea, sandwiches

​​The New Yorker High tea, dessert

​​The Champagne High tea

​​Champagne at The Plaza, toast.

​​Art Nouveau inspired ceiling


Ambience: Historical and opulence comes into mind, when stepping into The Palm Court, just located on the far end of The Plaza entrance. The Palm Court ambiance is welcoming, spacious and well ventilated, decorated with palm trees and sealed with an iconic high glass Art Nouveau-stained ceiling.

Food: Come here hungry, or you’ll end up carrying a doggy bag home. There are 2 choices for adults:

  1. The New Yorker Tea
  2. The Champagne Tea


The tiny morsels will leave you in fits of delight. They are all delectable and full of flavour specially the Foie Gras Torchon, Glogg Spiced Currant Chutney, Brioche and the Lobster Roll, Daikon Sprouts, Buttered Potato Roll from the Champagne Tea menu. Call me superficial, but high grade ingredients are meant to be savoured and enjoyed. 

Occasion: The reason why we came here was because of Eloise tea, for my daughter. So I would recommend a Mother’s Day event, or bonding time between a mother and daughter, group of lady friends enjoying brunch or afternoon tea is also suitable.

Service: From the host to our waiter, we were greeted with nothing but smiles and warmth. Our waiter in particular also came to our table with a birthday plate, to which we declined. And then he came back again, making sure the birthday plate was ours. A light, humorous instance where we found that N.Y. can inhibit the lighter, human side of things, making our experience at The Palm Courts much more memorable.

Pricing: For 2 adults and 1 child $240USD ($95USD, $90USD, $55USD), VAT and  Service charge is not included. So bring it to a close total of $300USD.

Contact Info:The Palm CourtsAddress: Fifth Avenue at Central Park South
New York, NY 10019Telephone: (212) 759-3000 or (888) 850-0909
Website: http://www.theplazany.com/dining/the-palm-court/Store Hours: Served daily 12:00pm – 5:00pm | Last seating available at 4:30pm 

Please note, that a table at The Palm Courts needs a reservation at most a month ahead. If you’ve got a daughter, make her an excuse to enjoy a visit in this historical building and dine in The Palm Court. After afternoon tea, take a stroll in the nearby Central Park or some window shopping at 5th Avenue. Whatever your post afternoon tea plan is, make sure your shoes matches your Sunday best.

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