Entertainment: Kidzania Manila (BGC, Philippines)

Check out Kidzania, an educational-entertainment for children between the ages of 4-17 where they can explore role-playing in an adult-like profession or job. It is its own little world where it uses its own Kidzania terminologies, economy and rules for the little kiddos to follow. Originating from Mexico, Kidzania piques the interest of kids because of the true to life facilities Kidzania provides, from the brief training to the actual job itself. 

There is approximately 65 jobs that you can experience in Kidzania, Manila. Ofcourse it is given you will not be able to do all of them in a day, that is why they have a program where children can keep a Kidzania passport, for repeat visits. Each job the child attends to, are paid for in  their currency called kidZo, where the kids are encouraged to save and spend their hard earned money. The kids can even open up their own personal bank account or spend their kidZo at the Kidzania store. 

When you enter the actual Kidzania world, there will be several paths to lead you to different jobs- left, right and centre. Make sure you strategise yours or your child’s interest, whoever’s say gets followed in your family. Also note there is also a hidden second floor to the selections of professions your child can experience. Once the jobs have been chosen, know that each job has a time slot (20-25 minutes) and a quota on how many children can participate at that particular time slot. Also, there is a waiting time in between so take that all into consideration when you’re planning your day here at Kidzania, Manila. 

So how much does it cost? Where is it located? What else do I need to know?

Operating Hours:Between Monday to Friday and Sunday, Kidzania is only open between 10am to 2pm. So you need to get there early, to maximise your time. On Saturday there is two time slots, 10am-12nn and 2pm-4pm. You can also book advanced in Kidzania, Manila by booking at KTX, SM Tickets, or TicketWorld. 
Cost:​​Location: Parking close to Kidzania, are available in these 3 locations. 

1. KidZania Manila, Park Triangle, North 11th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

There is available paid parking at Park Triangle.

2. Market! Market! parking areas

3. 30th East Parking Area on 11th Ave. Cor 32nd St with A, B, and C lot Parking

What else do I need to know?

• KidZania Manila ticket counters open at 8AM and close two (2) hours before the end of each shift. 

• The latest Visitors will be permitted to enter the play city is two (2) hours before the shift ends. For example, if the shift is 9AM-4PM, a Visitor may enter up to 2PM (provided there are remaining tickets available or the Visitor already has a ticket).

• All tickets are on a first come, first served basis.

• Role-play activities are for kids 4-17 years old.

• Some role-play activities such as Climbing Building, Fitness Lab, and Stadium require athletic shoes with laces and specific attire. Please check here.

• Each activity last about 20-25 minutes, not including queueing time. It’s best to prioritize which activities your kids want to try out the most. You can check out activities here.

• Guardians may only enter the play city when they accompany a child or children.

• Kids below 8 years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.

• KidZania Manila may require from its Visitors proof of age before they are allowed entry. This includes any valid ID, including a government-issued ID, school ID and NSO-certified birth certificate.

• KidZania Manila disclaims any liability from any injury to Visitors who have misrepresented their age in connection with a particular activity.

The experience at Kidzania, Manila was pleasant, though for the guardians it is a waiting game and truly a day for your kids. You too can entertain yourself, by joining the kiddos in their activities, incase you want to be inspired to change careers. It is quite expensive, and may be suitable for a birthday activity. Waiting times in-between activities can be a time waster, but that is the Kidzania system. Two hours play time is short, and the kids would have probably enjoyed it more if it were at least an hour longer. 

Please note the information listed, is a copy and paste job from the Kidzania, Manila website. If you do have questions please contact them directly. Also a disclaimer, this post about Kidzania, Manila is not a sponsored or paid post. Independently written with my own judgements and bias opinions, I hope you found this post helpful.

​​This is where you pay for your entrance ticket, emulating boarding an aeroplane experience

​​This is the Kidzania bracelet to allow you to go inside

​​Immigration Office of Kidzania

​​Centre of Kidzania

​​Kids trying out to be a Veterinarian

​​Showing off their hard-earned cash

​​Lining up for Marine Research lab

​​Trying out to be Paramedics

​​Posing, while waiting for their turn

​​Attending to a sick patient

​​Working for the local bank

​​Kiddo, excited to bake

​​Time to bake

​​Finished product

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