Destination: Ueno District (Tokyo, Japan)

Ueno, the city that seems to be underrated in my opinion and probably locally known as a downmarket district in Tokyo, has an array of things to do if you’ve got 19 hours stop-over and want to maximise your time. Accessible to the Keisei Skyliner from Narita Airport, we chose this district because it was accessible to all the things we wanted to do. 

1. Eat cheap Japanese food

2. Go to Akihabara (shop for electric goods, only 6 minutes away by train)

3. Visit museums and gardens

4. Window shopping

Though we couldn’t visit museums due to our late arrival in Ueno, there was no disappointments in finding delicious Japanese food, places to window shop and accessing Akihabara conveniently from our location. Though Ueno, may not be a main tourist attraction, I love how their park offers so many museums, zoo, shrines and garden to visit. The array of food to eat around Ueno is massive; from fresh seafood in the midst of autumn, ramen, yakitori, to yoshuku (Westernised Japanese food)- you will get dizzy in just choosing what you want to try.

Here are the top 10 attractions in Ueno area: ​​


Ueno may not have high-rise buildings, and their shopping a bit more casual than the rest of Tokyo, but Ueno has so much to offer, specially if you’ve only got 19 hours to spend on touring this underdog location. So if you’re strapped for time and have an energy of a bunny, try this place next time. It may not be the Empire state building, but it may surprise you. 

​​On the Keisei Skyliner, on our way to Ueno

​​Ueno Park

​​Centre of Ueno park

​​Ubiquitous vending machine

​​Shrine and restaurant in Ueno park

Fresh seafood bowls

​​Taiyaki, delicious

​​Ameyoko shopping entrance

​​Crepes for good luck? 

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    1. Hi, Sheryl! Wow, thank you for your kind words. I am also enjoying going through your posts. I love Japan and anything associated with it. Please keep posting!! 🌻 🌻 🌻

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