Destination: The Met Museum (NY, USA)

The Met (Metropolitan Museum of Art) of New York City, is a grand museum which exhibits a vast collection of arts, artefacts and culture from all over the world. The admission fee used to be any amount you wish to pay, but on March 1, 2018 out-of-towners of N.Y.C. have to pay the fixed price of $25USD for adults, for maintenance and upkeep of the museum. Rest of admission fees are listed below. 
​​Here are some visitor tips, for visiting The Met:

  • Water in plastic bottles may be brought into the Museum. Other food or drink is not allowed and may not be checked at the coat checks.
  • Flash photography and video cameras cannot be used inside the Museum.
  • Only pencils may be used in the galleries; the use of pens and markers is prohibited.
  • Strollers are allowed in all galleries unless otherwise noted.
  • Wheelchairs are available at the coat checks.
  • All backpacks and packages must be checked in at the coat-check facilities. Avoid waiting in long lines by leaving backpacks and packages at home.
  • Luggage, carry-on bags, and oversize backpacks are not allowed in the Museum and cannot be checked in at the coat-check facilities.
  • Musical instruments cannot be brought into the Museum and may not be checked at the coat checks.
  • Coats and small umbrellas may be carried into the galleries. Large umbrellas must be checked.

The Met Collections include:

  • 1.1 Collections: Geographically designated collections1.1.1Ancient Near Eastern art

1.1.2 Arts of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas1.1.3 Asian art1.1.4 Egyptian art1.1.5 European paintings1.1.6 European sculpture and decorative arts1.1.7 The American Wing1.1.8 Greek and Roman art1.1.9 Islamic art

  • 1.2 Collections: Non-geographically designated collections

1.2.1 Arms and Armor1.2.2 The Costume Institute1.2.3 Drawings and prints1.2.4 Robert Lehman Collection1.2.5 Medieval art and the Cloisters1.2.5.1 Main building1.2.5.2 The Cloisters museum and gardens1.2.6 Modern and contemporary art1.2.7 Musical instruments1.2.8 Photographs1.2.9 Digital collection1.2.10 Met Breuer
​​The Met floorplan

​​Grand Foyer of The Met


​​Original Eames chair

​​Greek Sculptures

​​Temporary Exhibit

​​A Degas, I can now die

Visiting The Met Museum leaves you in awe at all the beautiful history the museum has collected since 1880. From its African collection to its temporary art exhibits, giving you a preview of what these precious objects look like in person. It is best to do this the same day as Guggenheim Museum as it is just a 10 minute walk away down Fifth Avenue. After all that, you’ll be coming out a little bit more cultured than a petri dish. 

Visited: 23rd October 2017

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