Destination: Kangaroo Valley (Shoalhaven NSW, Australia)

If you’re looking for a weekend getaway near Sydney, Australia. May I recommend this charming little town called Kangaroo Valley, located in Shoalhaven region where you can squeeze in wine tasting, canoeing, and some home-made meat pies. Only a two hour and a half drive from Sydney, you can rent an Airbnb home on an open farm, enjoying the slow-pace rhythm of Country living. 

Nearby Kangaroo Valley is Fitzroy Falls, a must see for the outdoor enthusiasts, a mere easy walk for an hour or so to and back the carpark, depending on your speed. It’s open from 9am to 5pm, with a $4AUD parking fee for the entire day. 

We visited during the N.S.W school holidays of April in 2019. We spent 2 nights and 3 days visiting the Southern Highlands of N.S.W. One of my personal favourites was Kangaroo Valley Town Centre, simply for its charming Mom & Pop like shops, and lack of tourists visiting the area. Unlike the town of Berry which I imagined to be like Kangaroo Valley Town Centre, but instead was sprawling with tourists. 

As previously mentioned Kangaroo Valley swooned me with its small unique stores which sold things from Jams, Marmalades, Sauces, Himalayan pouches, Fudges, Home-made pies, Chocolates, Hats, Books, Vintage homewares, and Boutique made trinkets for the home. The locals of Kangaroo Valley are friendly and tranquil in disposition, but their items being sold however from my personal opinion are a bit over my budget range. I saw quality farm-like hats selling for $50AUD-$100AUD depending on the style and size, also the jams did not seem to go lower than $20AUD. You could, however, buy a Kangaroo Valley made fudge pieces for $10AUD. 

I would recommend Kangaroo Valley to anyone looking to spend a long weekend away from Sydney and wants to experience Country living. Good for the school holidays also, with the family. 

For 1 night and 2 days in Kangaroo Valley for 3 adults and 1 child, driving from Sydney we spent the following:
1. Airbnb = $206AUD
2. Car Petrol/Gas = $50AUD
3. Food (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) = $100AUDTotal= $356AUD

For the food we made our own instead of eating out, primarily because of food allergies, diets and sensitivities we have in the family. We went all out with being fussy with the food, without having to pay a fortnight budget on a 2-day trip.  
Contact Info:
Kangaroo Valley
Address: Kangaroo Valley, New South Wales 2577
Store Hours: 10am – 4pm

Though you could probably walk through the little town of Kangaroo Valley in an hour, the unique charm of yesterday will capture you. The one of a kind boutique pieces will probably burn a little hole in your pocket, but you can always go to the “Nostalgia store” if you want Vintage homeware that’ll give you a quaint little memory of Kangaroo Valley. 

Disclaimer: Please note I have not been paid or sponsored to do this review. This write-up is based on my own opinions, research and experience. Pictures used are personally taken, unless stated otherwise. I hope you find it helpful.

Visited: April 2019
​​Fitzroy Falls

​​Watch out for Wombat sign

​​Hampden Bridge

​​Meet the locals

​​A little bit of Italy in Kangaroo Valley

​​Rocking horses

​​Himalayan pouches

​​Farm living

​​Blue Lake Farm

​​Free-range chicken (for dinner)

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