Destination: Foodland Farms (Oahu, Hawaii)

Almost a year of hiatus and here I am at it again escaping to an unknown land trying to learn a few things along the way and trying to expand this small rigid mind of mine, this time trying hard to stay in a budget-friendly bracket on the islands of Oahu, Hawaii. In an island where 80% of its consumer items are imported from the mainland, you already know that the island life will be costly. So for our trip to Oahu first week of February 2019, we discovered Foodland Farms in Ala Moana mall.

Before going off to Foodland Farms and surrendering all our low performing Australian dollar exchanged to the all mighty American dollar, we did some window shopping of where we can eat decent food, this is a list of where we found food to be priced $10USD-$15USD. Just to let you know from experience, the servings are large, so you can also stretch your $10USD- $15USD to fit into 2 meals, you can either share it with your company or save the other half later for another meal. I’m sure for the true budget conscious traveller, you have more tricks up your sleeve to share, comment below. 

At Ala Moana:
1. Makai Market food
2. Shirokiya Japan Village Walk
3. Goma Tei Ramen Ward
4. Foodland Farms
5. The Lanai

From Waikiki shopping strip:
5. Waikiki Yokocho Gourmet
6. Pho Minh Thu
7. Pa’ina Lanai Food Court

Due to my partner’s food limitations of no gluten, beef, pork or any processed ingredients we found Foodland Farms was the instant healthy choice for both of us. Not only did it have nutritious selections, but they also informed their consumers of their ingredients and how it was cooked. The selection varied and you would not get sick of all the different selections. From memory, I remember their fresh produce, fresh salads, hot dishes, cold dishes, cut fruit, freshly squeezed juice, Japanese bento boxes, sandwiches/wraps, sushi, musubi, poke bowls, cakes, desserts, mochis, fresh coffee/tea, cold cuts, standard grocery items and more.

On average my partner and I would buy our dinner and breakfast for the next day, it would cost us $36USD excluding tax. To give you an idea of how much $36USD got us, here is a list. 
1. Pastrami sandwich $7USD
2. Asian chicken salad $7USD
3. Ahi Poke bowl $7USD
4. Pineapple cut $5USD
5. Tuscan Kale Salad and Hot Roast Chicken with roasted vegetables $10USD

Also, we discovered they open 5am in the morning, so if I wanted a flavoured coffee run, you didn’t need to queue up to get one. They also validate your loyal visits to them, they give you discounts, and loyalty cards all for an exchange of your home phone number, no matter where you are from the world. Another thing I loved about Foodland Farms is the Hawaiian themed souvenirs they sold. From baked goods, coffee, macadamia nuts, chocolate, soap, to candles and shopping bags. For the souvenirs, It can be pricey though if you’re on a budget, but then again when will you be back in Oahu, Hawaii? Buy that 100% Kona coffee. 

Disclaimer: Please note I have not been paid or sponsored to do this review. This write-up is based on my own opinions, research and experience. Pictures used are personally taken, unless stated otherwise. I hope you find it helpful.

Visited on: February 2019​​Hot food

​​Not my image. Poke bowl selections, available with brown rice

​​Not my image, Sushi sandwiches

​​Ono ono ono

​​See that delicious Tuscan Kale salad? Salads

​​Freshly cut fruits, must try the sweet Hawaiian Pineapple

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