Dessert Bar: Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory (Alabang Town Center, Philippines).

Eating cheese in the past has always been saved for a special occasion. Only has its wide range of availability in the supermarkets recreated our relationship with cheese, we can now have it whenever the mood strikes. In France, they eat it after the main and before dessert. In the UK, they eat cheese after the dessert. Now trust the Japanese to rewrite the rule and combine it together.

Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory was born in Japan in 2011. Their goal in mind was to create desserts with premium global ingredients: sea salt from France, honey from Spain, mushrooms from Italy, and Japan Hokkaido’s fresh Jersey milk.

Place/Time: Found this place after an afternoon stroll at Alabang Town Center. Ground floor in the ATC, near all the gourmet stores. I have also come across smaller stores in Greenbelt 5 and Megamall Fashion Hall.


Ambiance: Neat, light and inviting. Quite a few products to browse through, from ice cream to cheese biscuits and cake. The presentation of their products is enticing, and if you’re a Japonaphile like me, you’re just swayed that everything they’re selling will deliver to the uncompromising standard Japanese people have set for themselves. This pedestal is quite high now.

Food: Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory offer the following products in their Alabang store:
1. Cookies- Salt & Camembert- Honey & Gorgonzola- Porcini
2. Ice cream- Cow cow milk (Hokkaido Jersey milk)- Cow cow cheese (Gouda cheese)- Cow cow twist (Combination of Jersey milk and Gouda cheese)
3. Milk Cheesecake

I have tasted the Ice cream (both in cheese and twist) and the cheesecake. The ice-cream is subtle in its sweetness and the cheese is also not strong. Gouda is naturally sweet and has a fruit-like flavour as it increases with age. Very creamy in texture, you are getting your money’s worth. As for the Milk Cheesecake, it reminds me of cheese ice-cream, wrapped in crepe. It is stored in a freezer when you buy it, and recommended you consume it by 6 hours of purchase.

​​Biscuit Selections

​​​Ice-cream Flavours

​​Milk Cheesecake

Occasion: Mostly suitable for tea times with family, friends or that special someone.
Service:My experience with Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory was a pleasant encounter. After I had purchased the cheesecake, I asked what is the storage time before it starts melting, the lady at the store said 2 hours. Still doing my shopping and errands, I requested to leave it there till I am about to go home, she happily obliged. Also as the line grew, she did not lose her smile and pleasant demeanour.

Pricing:1. Cookies- Salt & Camembert: Php580 for 10pcs- Honey & Gorgonzola: Php620 for 10pcs- Porcini: Php620 for 10pcs
2. Ice cream- Cow cow milk (Hokkaido Jersey milk): Php130- Cow cow cheese (Gouda cheese): Php150- Cow cow twist (Combination of Jersey milk and Gouda cheese): Php150- Can add piece of cheesecake: Php100- Can add piece of Salt & Camembert biscuit: Php50
3. Milk Cheesecake: Php950
Contact Info:Tokyo Milk Cheese FactoryAddress: Ground Floor, Alabang Town Center, Alabang, Muntinlupa CityTelephone: Not available
Website: Hours: 11am to 10pm

Naturally enamoured for anything Japanese, my favouritism for Japanese products gives Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory 4 Katrina hearts out of 5, hehe. Five hearts being saved for picture perfect Michelin experiences. When you taste into the ice-cream or cheesecake, you know you’re tasting a premium product, not washed down or replaced with food extensions. The consistency is there too, as I’ve purchased it from different branches in Manila. Though it is pricey for Manila locals, sharing with a friend is worth the peso.


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