Airline: Thai Airways, Sydney to Manila (Economy).

Thai Airlines is a part of the Star Alliance which includes 5 star airlines such as ANA and Singapore Airlines, rated by Skytrax. This is our first time flying Thai Airways and to be honest with you I have mixed feelings about the experience. It could have been an easy four hearts out of five (five being saved for Singapore Airlines and ANA Airlines only hehe), but the stewardess who demanded I delete her picture when I was taking picture of the aeroplane cabin ruined the experience for me. Mind you, it wasn’t a pleasant request too, she demanded sternly I delete pictures that included her in the far background. Then asked if we wanted our pictures taken…

Check-in was smooth, though the line was long they had 4-6 counters open for checking in. From the end of the line, my family and I reached the front between 15-30 minutes. They allowed 30kg check-in baggage and 7kg for carry-on baggage and standardly advising us seat number, gate number and boarding time. 

Greetings from the stewardess I say always sets the tone for the flight. At the beginning we were greeted with courteous well costumed stewardesses, then as I started taking pictures a well seasoned stewardess approached me, placed her glasses on her face and ordered to see my camera. She started browsing through my pictures and order I delete the ones that had her, far in the background. I did, as she made me feel I was breaking a law. I felt harassed and belittled, that same lady throughout the flight did not smile or provided quality customer service. She did however asked if we wanted our picture taken, after she ordered me to delete her pictures.
Seating:I am 5’5 and found the seating to be comfortable with plenty of legroom. The seat reclines and has a headrest that flexes towards your face as a sturdy pillow. Pillows were provided as well as newly packaged blankets, no free bathroom kits though. Remember how they used to provide those 20 years ago? 


Service was initiated with packets of nuts and a small bottle of water. After another 2 hours lunch was served, first starting off with the special meals like child meals, vegetarian meals, gluten free meals and such.

My daughter had quite a generous child’s meal (child’s meals are to be requested through your agency or through the airline’s website). Pasta was her main meal, which contained organic drink and snack.

Lunch for the adults was fish pasta or pork rice. I chose the fish pasta, it was edible and delicious, delicious as anything you can eat when you’re famished. Drinks were choices of wine, beer, juices and water.

For dinner, it was choice of chicken noodles or beef. The kid’s meals was chicken nuggets, mashed potato and peas.





Ok here is another story. So as soon as I sat in my seat I started pressing on my screen as you do. It moved once, then the screen just froze, I assumed it was on stand by because we were not airborne yet so I left it. Fast-forward to being airborne, I tried the screen again, it didn’t move. I asked my husband and my daughter if theirs were moving, my daughter’s screen was working fine but both my husband and I were left touching nothing but air. So I looked around and saw some people were doing the same thing, repeatedly touching their screens and having nothing happen to it. Then a lady two rows in front of me called for assistance, I gave my screen time and left it. No one came to her until 15 minutes later, a steward who greeted her with “What is it? You’ve been calling me on and off for 5 minutes”.

She complained about her screen, so I called his attention and did the same. He came back to me and said that it’s under repair and to give it 15 minutes. I gave up on the idea of it being repaired but noticed after lunch (two hours after take off) the same lady who complained about her screen, was watching a movie. So I tried my screen and it worked seamlessly. The selections were many, but many I have seen so I settled for the oldies I had not seen yet. There were also a children’s channel with movies and tv shows.



For 2 adults and 1 child (age 11) I paid $AUD1,781 for the month of October to November.

• Stopover at Bangkok for 9 hours• Cheap and affordable
• Star Alliance member

• Bullying-like behaviours from their stewards/stewardesses• Entertainment systems which were temperamental• Food which were lacklustre

I had high hopes for Thai Airways. I wanted it to be up there with Singapore Airlines and ANA Airlines my favourite airlines to fly with so far. But it failed miserably, I am yet to do a return trip back to Sydney, and hopefully it will redeem itself. I give Thai Airways 2 Katrina hearts out of 5, 3 Katrina hearts short because of the rude stewardesses, unresponsive entertainment touch screens and food which was less than ordinary.


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