Airline: ANA, Manila to New York (Economy).

New York New York, The Big Apple, The City That Never Sleeps, and Gotham- the city where the centre of the universe is open to all who seeks it. As a teenager, I visited New York city starry-eyed as any young impressionable teenager. The experience was positive, as I was under the custody of my aunt. But when you become an adult, travelling can become stressful and sometimes dangerous, so the planned trip to New York was somewhat planned on a hesitant note.

I anticipated this trip to be stressful, dealing with aggressive, rude, ill-natured New Yorkers who are sick of tourists exploring their city. But to my surprise, the New Yorkers I encountered were very helpful, amicable, and in pleasing dispositions. I left New York inspired, a little bit more cultured, picking up some grit along the way from the NY Subway, and appreciating the standardised wages they have here in Sydney, specially for waiters.

I really must stress, the flight to my destination has always set the tone for me. The only other time I flew with ANA, was a trip from Manila to Tokyo- since then they have left an impression on me and have become one of my favourite airlines. So it was given for a 19hour flight altogether, I wanted to fly comfortably in economy. There was a stopover in Tokyo, which we took advantage of and explored Ueno for a brief night, returning back the morning after to catch our connecting flight to NYC.

Check-in: No particular instance makes my check-in with ANA unique. We simply supplied our passport, checked-in our baggage and went on our merry way. Luggage allowance was limited to 23kg per person, we packed light so there was no problems with our limit. 

Ambiance: I am not a regular flyer with ANA, but you just know that the quality is there. From their simple greeting to their passengers, to the facilities provided, ANA does not skimp. I don’t believe they do any short-cuts for profit, compared to a lot of carriers who fly the same route. Overall a pleasant ambiance. Also adjusting cabin lights to adjust the time in NYC, it makes flying economy a bit more special.

Seating: I am 5’5 tall, and I found the seat allowance enough. In the 12-16 hour flight time to NY, I did not get cramps and was able to get some snooze in the most comfortable way possible, in economy. For taller people, may I suggest you reserve seats at the front of the rows near the emergency exits, may cost a bit more, but at least you will be more comfortable in the entirety of the flight.

Food: Food?! As Anthony Bourdain says people only eat on board, because they are bored. Me, I eat cause I am starving. For the food selection, ANA always provides a Western or Japanese choice. It’s nice to try both if you can. The presentation and flavours are there, and they provide bottled water and nuts before the main meals. Again, ANA does not skimp on quality, and you can sleep sound knowing that you’ve made a choice of value.

Entertainment: The standard touch-screen is available to all economy passengers. Abundant selections of movies, documentaries, and tv shows. One thing I noticed after two weeks being overseas, there was 5 new movie additions to the list, in that span of time. The screen does not swivel up or down, to adapt to the screen reflection if the seat in front of you has moved towards you more or reclined back to its original position. But it does give you an abundant selection of entertainment, possibly lasting you for a 12-16 hour flight.

Pricing: For 2 adults and 1 child return flight from Manila, it cost us $3,137AUD.

• Quick flight (arrives 30-60 minutes earlier than due time)• Affordable (value for the standard you experience)• Choice of experiencing Japanese or Western food• Abundant touchscreen entertainment• Polite and helpful stewardesses

In all honesty, this is a biased review because I am a big fan of the Japanese culture. I appreciate and respect everything they do. That is my explanation for not having a downside points for the flight experience. I could not fault ANA, but please note I am in no way affiliated with them. These are my honest, biased opinions based on experience, unpaid and unlicensed. In saying that, I give them 5 Katrina hearts out of 5. The Japanese aim for perfection, and that is what my ANA economy experiences always are, perfection.

So if you have the option to fly ANA, instead of the other meagre airlines that fly the same route, choose ANA. Allow yourself to be comfortable and relaxed in economy, sometimes setting your flight on the right note is enough to change your attitude about your destination

​​Check-in, in Manila

​​Complimentary water and nuts, after take-off

​​Finding our seats

​​Japanese meal, Sukiyaki (there were 2 other meals during the flight)

​​Children’s meal, look at the detail (there were 2 other meals during the flight)

​​View from the sky

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