Accomodation: Canvas Boutique Hotel (Palawan, Phillippines)

On an aesthetic point of view Canvas Boutique hotel has got it all together, bringing Art and Puerto Princesa culture, landscapes, marine life, and wildlife to your stay in forms of artworks. Canvas Boutique hotel has an industrial interior approach splashed with playful and colourful murals not only in the Canvas Boutique rooms but also on each floor of their hotel. It does remind me of a well-furnished hostel from the likes of Korea or Japan, adorned with murals focusing on telling a story about Puerto Princesa and not just for decorative purposes. 

Canvas Boutique Hotel only opened on 15th November 2015 accommodating 49 rooms in their vicinity. It is located at Puerto Princesa North Road in Barangay San Miguel, a 5-6 minute walk from their airport. At the front of the hotel is the Pasalubong center, where you can buy all the small trinkets you will find in Puerto Princesa. The building design itself is inspired by the native Balayong tree, fitted with a 20 metre pool. 

A day before arrival, I had emailed their hotel to organise a pick-up from the airport as we were arriving early. The lack of reply left me just hoping someone will be there to pick the 6 of us up, otherwise, we’d have to drag our suitcases and walk to the hotel ourselves (only 6 minutes). The latter happened, and what a hot mess we were when we arrived, luckily they recognised this and organised delicious welcome drinks for us to consume and checked us in one of the rooms we had booked, while the other room was still being cleaned.

The lobby is airy and capacious, and to the left of the lobby, they have their in-house restaurant (Painted Table) serving delicious food from Puerto Princesa. 

The initial service I encountered with Canvas Boutique was through the reservations who offered me a deal. For 2 rooms it accommodated 6 people (3 people in each room) the child was free of charge, and the extra person needed to only pay a fee. We basically paid for 4 and a half adults in short. Even at my misunderstanding, they replied with a neutral tone and explained the booking process. 

Even if we arrived earlier than the actually allowed check-in time, the concierge was warm and welcoming. She assisted us in a friendly manner, booking us a table in the popular Kalui restaurant for that evening as it is always full, also offering us assistance in our vacation plans in Puerto Princesa. Even at the discourteous manner of asking for another welcome drink because it was so delicious, she warmly provided without hesitation.

She also gave us written information about the tour packs, which was difficult as it had no descriptions, just locations listed. But nevertheless, I could not commend that lady for her effort to make our stay at Canvas Boutique hotel a pleasant one. 

We had booked two rooms, both the Deluxe twin which accommodates 4 people. But since there was only 6 of us, there was 3 in each room. On making our booking we also requested Hannah Liongoren rooms, for her paintings, were the most appealing. But unfortunately, even if we were on the same floor, the rooms were separated. We requested we be moved so our rooms would be next to each other, but due to other guests accommodating the next rooms this could not be adjusted.

Even though we had booked for 3 persons in each room, the rooms only had 2 of everything. Two towels, two bottles of water, glasses, etc, this was no problem a quick ring to the front desk fixed the problem, but somehow I wish we didn’t have to ask them to do their job because we did pay accordingly. Also, you can see signs of wear and tear on the cracking walls of the paintings, not a good look for a new hotel. The hotel also offered amenities like a clean, working swimming pool with fast working Internet, elevators, function room and restaurant.

Painted table, Canvas Boutique’s in-house restaurant is one of the best places that showcases Puerto Princesa’s delicious food. It has ambience, good service, and the modish rattan peacock chairs, which I loved to sit in every morning to eat my breakfast and just enjoy my food. 

Breakfast is included in the accommodation package and we had a total of 5 choices, including local dishes such as Lamayo, to Omelette with mushroom and spinach.

In comparison to the range of accommodations in Puerto Princesa, I think a stay here is a must. Despite the uncontrollable circumanstances, the pleasurable service and the way they try to right the wrongs is enough to make me return again to this place. 
Ideal for families, small groups and aspiring entourages. 

• 5-10 minute walk to the airport
• great service from the front desk
• nearby the souvenir central (right at the front of the hotel)
• quiet area, no crowds
• free wifi
• free service to and from the airport
• complimentary breakfast
• cracking mural walls

For 6 adults for 3 nights (2 rooms), we paid Php26,000, including breakfast each day. 
Disclaimer: I am not sponsored or employed by Canvas Boutique hotel to write this review, these are my biased opinions and thoughts, written to help you, fellow explorers. 

Visited on: 11th November 2017


​​Hotel van

​​Welcome drinks

​​Hotel lobby

​​Room entrance

​​Hannah Liongoren’s mural


​​A mural on each floor

​​By the pool

​​Internet by the pool


​​The Painted table

​​The Painted table

​​Bar at The Painted table

​​Breakfast options atThe Painted table

​​My peacock and chair

​​The Painted table, Lamayo special

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