Accommodation: Hilton Timesquare (NY, USA)

At the time of reserving a room in this hotel, I thought I was going to be in the midst of New York City drama all for a good reason. When we came back from our land trip from Canada, all we wanted to do was rest. The minute we had gotten off our bus it was raining cats and dogs and we were seeking shelter anywhere possible, while trying to hail a cab that’ll accommodate three weary people, with equally sized suitcases, during peak hour, to an equally congested location, smack bang in the middle of N.Y.C.
If I could give you any first-hand advice, avoid reserving a hotel in midtown N.Y. or anywhere near Timesquare. Though you haven’t been and would like to embrace all that the city has to give, you’ll tire of it easily and might go insane of the crowds, a good 1 hour stroll is probably more than enough for you to take it all in, and 60 photos later will probably bid you into admission that you’ve had enough of Timesquare. 

I had booked this hotel hoping to end our N.Y.C. trip on a high note, leaving in the midst of the all the neon lights, oversized billboards and N.Y.C. angst I have read, heard, and seen about, but that might have been a mistake because on the first day of our arrival into N.Y. the husband wanted to visit this place first, all in broad daylight. So you can imagine, we have inhaled more of our fair share of Timesquare.

The entrance to Hilton Timesquare hotel is a clear hallway between W 41st and W 42nd St, with a doorman to direct you up the lift to the reception area of the hotel. Even though it was raining, the hallway maintained to be dry and accessible. Checking in was easy, the reception area was to the right after exiting the lift to the top, with 2 hosts attending to their guests.

The receiving area had free wi-fi, that is why I am guessing a lot of people were on standby with their laptops. In the reception area the seating area was mostly occupied, after the seating area there was a bar of some sort, and to the right was the reception area to check you in and after the reception area, there were lifts to take you into the hotel rooms.

The doormen had casually mentioned that the hotel has been in existence for 100 years, but looking onto their website it says the hotel was built in the year 2000. My check-in experience seems robotic like, scripted and impersonal in all aspects, though I understand the number of people they must check-in day in day out, the experience was lacklustre and would not repeat it again. Also, they charge you for in-room wifi, again nothing had set the Hilton hotel Timesquare apart to be unique except its location.
I was also charged $130.00 on my credit card without any notification or warning but figured it out via google that this was just a standard charge upon check-in, which will instantly be refunded. 

The room was clean and up to the standard, they offered what seemed to be a designer set of toiletries by Peter Thomas Roth, replaced each day it was consumed. Each day our beds were made freshly, which I think was based upon the reasonable tip we left each day. The view we were given was of W 41st street, which was sufficed enough to say that it felt like we were staying somewhere near Timesquare. Also, one thing I found somewhat odd was the room, had no main light, only lamps. I also found this odd pattern in 3-star accommodations on our trip to Canada. 

Since we wanted to try local food, we did not try their room service or hotel restaurant. There is Lobby bar and Zagat rated restaurant overlooking Times Square if you care to spend your cash there, there’s a place for that.

If you want to be in the midst of Timesquare, this hotel is one of the most affordable and family-friendly hotels I researched.

• 5-10 minute walk to subway stations
• Nearby shopping like Sephora, Muji, Wholefood Markets, Uniqlo, Fossil, Skagen.
• 5-10 minute walk in the middle of Timesquare
• New Amsterdam theatre is right next door
• Too crowded
• Nothing too exciting about this hotel

For 2 adults and 1 child, for a period of 2 nights and 3 days we paid approximately $700AUD, the prices go up and down on different websites, make you sure you have alerts to show you the best prices. Websites I was comparing was and

Disclaimer: I am not sponsored or employed by Hilton Timesquare to write this review, these are my biased opinions and thoughts, written to help you, fellow explorers. 

Visited on: 29th October 2017

​​Elevator area, celebrating Halloween

​​Seating area

​​Check-in counter

​​View from our room, W 41st st

​​Room decor

​​Complimentary Toiletries
​​N.Y. Skyline

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