Accommodation: Airbnb Lower East Side (NY, USA)

I am not usually the kind to share Airbnb experiences, but there’s always a first. Specially if the owners makes sure, to make your stay somewhat special, without them being intrusive or overbearing. To date, this Airbnb has got to be the best experience I’ve had and I’ve stayed in a few. It’s probably the Lower East Side cool vibe, but staying here makes me want to be a better person. To do better in life, so I can afford all the little luxuries they have provided. 

Let me just let you know, the reason why I reserved this particular Airbnb. Foremost, the location. It was walking distance to all the touristy New York eateries I wanted to try. To name a few:

1. Russ & Daughters Cafe

2. Dudley’s 

3. Clinton St. Baking Company & Restaurant

4. Kat’s Delicatessen Deli

5. Doughnut Plant

And it only takes 5 minutes from the apartment to a couple of subway lines, getting to Midtown and Brooklyn. Walking distance to Chinatown, Soho, Little Italy and Financial District was only 10-15 minute effort. Our exercise for the day. The actual apartment is one bedroom, fitted with a separate bathroom, a small kitchen and roomy living-room. More than you could ask for the same amount charged at a hotel only allowing 2 adults, another reason why we opted for an Airbnb. Having a small family in New York City does not come cheap, and suggestions of accommodation I will direct you in the Airbnb way, an exciting way of living like a local and being able to afford long stays at a time. 

After the cab driver has presumptuously asked for his tip, without me having paid him yet. I looked at our building. Unassuming, dark and ready. Ready for us to meet our friendly host Tim, who greeted us in the apartment and showed us around. After three flights of stairs, fitted with tiny diamond white and black tiles you are welcomed to a modern apartment. First with a blue couch with curated frames against its wall, to the right a nifty, filled kitchen leading to the bathroom. The bathroom is small, but it had everything you may need. To the left, is our bedroom with a classic N.Y. view.
Tim, left us leaving comfortable and welcomed in their gracious apartment.

It is rare for hosts to meet their occupants in Airbnb, so I was somewhat curious how this was going to flow. I think Tim did this as a welcoming gesture and maybe to size you up, to see if you will destroy their well furnished home. But he doesn’t leave that impression on you, he was very welcoming and helpful.

There was an instance where after a day of touring N.Y.C. we wanted to rest and watch tv, the tv wasn’t working so we contacted Tim. He instantly responded that he could come over and fix it. Looking around how we have trashed his apartment with all our clothes and other belongings everywhere, I was embarrassed to say yes. So I messaged him not to worry about it. He continued to respond with suggestions of how to fix it, and voila one of his suggestions worked.

Room: Another reason why I chose this apartment, was the look of that comfortable looking bed in the picture. It did not fail to deliver, and boy did I sleep soundly every night. Since only 2 people could only fit on the bed, my daughter slept on the pull-out couch which was also comfortable and easy to set-up.

With Airbnb, food is usually not included in the package. But I was not surprised that I saw the pantry and fridge filled with snacks, yoghurt, dips, eggs as a lot of the testimonials described all the free food available. Props to the freshly grinded coffee beans from Brazil, and the healthy snacks that kept us occupied on late nights. And you’re wondering why I’m blabbering about this Airbnb experience.

Cosy trip to N.Y.C., specially with a small family 3-4 people.  

• In the center of the nightlife• Welcoming and helpful host• Nearby touristy eataries• Complimentary food in fridge and pantry• Near to subway lines• Living like a true local
• Third floor, carrying your luggages can be cumbersome

For 2 adults and 1 child, for a period of 9 days we paid $3,200AUD that is $355AUD a day. If we had stayed in a hotel, it may have been more in price, smaller in size and only allowing 2 adults. Value matters.  

I will repeat myself again, this has got to be one of the best Airbnb stays we’ve had. The little luxuries of Aesop soap and shampoo, the freshly provided coffee from Brazil, the healthy snacks in the fridge, the extra pillows and comfy blanket made my family stay comfortable and so in tune with what I have idealised New York to be. Nowadays, I see hotels as an experience not a means of its main function, which is to accommodate you. If you really want to experience a location in it’s entirety, live local and book Airbnb.

Disclaimer: I am not sponsored or employed by Airbnb to write this review, these are my biased opinions and thoughts, written to help you fellow explorers.


​​In the kitchen, complimentary fresh bought Coffee

​​The yoghurt I wont shut-up about

​​Look at that bed

​​Grace Coddington, bed-side reading

​​Aesop soap, shampoo and conditioner

​​Living-room again

​​Apartment details

​​Lower east side reading material 

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