Skincare: Eve Lom cleanser review

So I purchased my first tub of Eve Lom cleanser 100ml, last week from Mecca for $AU103. After prowling the internet for reviews and best offers I decided I’d get it in person, because I could not wait for the shipping time. Just to let you know I did find an offer of only $AU77 after a 15% off offer, so if you’re in no rush, get it online. 

Described as the best cleanser in the world by Vogue UK, winner of multiple of awards since 2011 and an average of 4 out 5 stars from reviewers across Mecca and Sephora with an average of 300 reviewers. Eve Lom cleanser is a multi-purpose skin product; a cleanser, toner, exfoliator and make-up remover all in one. It uses 5 main ingredients; Clove leaf oil to incite clear skin and eliminate the redness, eucalyptus oil drains the toxins, hop oil tones, Egyptian chamomile soothes and cocoa butter hydrates, formulating a green concoction for radiant skin. 


How do you use it? Using it can be a little daunting at first, but you just need to unlearn all your usual habits of cleansing your face. Plus factor is you only need to use it once if you have normal/dry skin. The use of muslin cloth is easy, after applying the cleanser around your face on a dry surface, you just need to submerge your muslin cloth in hot water, place it on your face from 5 to 10 seconds to activate the cleanser and wipe your face with the muslin cloth, repeat 3 times, then end with dunking your cloth in cold water, holding it again for 5 to 10 seconds on your face. Voila, you’re done. Below is a cut and paste job from the Eve Lom website, of instructions on how to use it. 

  • Once a day, at night for normal/dry skin types.
  • Twice a day, morning and night for congested skins.
  • Massage a small amount onto the face and neck onto dry skin
  • Fill the basin with hot water and immerse the Muslin Cloth. Squeeze off excess water and hold the cloth over the face and neck for a few seconds while taking a deep breath. The heat will soften the skin and open the pores allowing the aromatic oils to cleanse the skin of impurities. For optimum results repeat this stage three times.
  • Fold the hot, rinsed cloth into a square and work it in small circular movements across the face and neck to remove all traces of Cleanser and make-up. The Muslin Cloth will gently exfoliate the skin surface and encourage healthy blood circulation, and leave the skin feeling exceptionally smooth.
  • Finally rinse the cloth in cool water and hold over the face and neck. This helps close the pores, giving the skin a more even, toned appearance. It also leaves the skin feeling fresh and ultra clean.


Lastly, what I should tell you about Eve Lom cleanser is it comes in 3 sizes; 50ml, 100ml and 200ml. Only the 100ml and 200ml come with the muslin cloth, according to the Mecca saleslady. You can purchase new muslin cloths, pack of 3 for $AU25, not bad if they’ll last you awhile. 

I have slight changes on my face, it’s more luminous dare I say, this might be also because I’ve been adding rose hip oil to the regime more often. I have been using the product for approximately a week or so. They say it takes 2 weeks to really see the difference. Is it worth it? I think so, you can really feel the softness after cleansing your face and the light bounces off your face in a subdued-I-want-to-throw-a-shoe-on-your face kind of way. Even my husband has jumped on the bandwagon of trying the product, sshhhh don’t tell him I told you. 

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