Patisserie: The Birthday cake that was.

​​It was my birthday last July 2017. And I had to document this beautiful birthday cake my husband got me from La Renaissance, Sydney Australia. La Renaissance has two branches one in Waterloo and one in The Rocks. You need at least 48 hours notice to order their cakes. The cake we ordered was the, Monet.

This is a description of what the Monet is on their website. 

“White chocolate and vanilla bavaroise, on a base of coconut and almond meringue, layered with fresh raspberries and a lychee jelly centre. Finished with a white chocolate glaze, the Monet is perfect for summertime and a favourite for weddings.”

Called the “Monet”, it definitely was a masterpiece. This is me jumping ahead assuming it’s named after the artist. It had a lovely lychee flavour with sporadic flavours of raspberries. Not too sweet and quite elegant in flavour, could not stop at a serving. Pushed for 2 pieces at a time, with my husband tying my arms and legs together to stop devouring this well behaved cake. The small sized cake lasted 2 days between 3 people (price $AU38), the following days we began to mourn our loss.  

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