The importance of Iyashikei in 2020

This year has been unkind to many of us, despite our best efforts to live “normal” lives we have been challenged by this year’s Pandora’s box: Covid19 pandemic 543,558 deaths because of Covid19 People losing jobs because of Covid19 The shutdown of businesses around the world because of Covid19 Shutdown of schools The balancing act of homeschooling children and remote working Brexit: the United Kingdom … Continue reading The importance of Iyashikei in 2020

Destination: A foodies day trip to London town (United Kingdom)

If you want a taste of London in a short period and you’re coming from another European city (ours was Paris, France) catch the Eurostar train, for around $200AUD return fare per adult. It takes 2 and a half hours of travel time (from Paris), convenient if you have only a limited time to spend in London. On our visit, we left Paris (Gare du … Continue reading Destination: A foodies day trip to London town (United Kingdom)

Perfume: The modern smell of Penhaligon’s

In 1872 inspired by the Turkish bathhouses near his barbershop, on Jermyn Street in Mayfair, London, Cornishman created the Hammam Bouquet perfume, which was exotic in scent. The Hammam Bouquet perfume is the inspiration for the Savoy Steam perfume, though it differs in notes and modern appeal. Images: Google Images Released in 2017, the Savoy Steam perfume uses Turkish rose petals as one of its … Continue reading Perfume: The modern smell of Penhaligon’s

Destination: Mandarin Picking (Laughtondale NSW, Australia)

Yesterday, we had the brightest idea to spend our first day of the long weekend here in Australia, Mandarin picking. Apparently so did around 200 other people- And so, the game of patience began. We left Sydney at 10am, aiming to arrive at 11:22am. We arrived on time, but it was the queue of cars trying to get into the farm and find parking that … Continue reading Destination: Mandarin Picking (Laughtondale NSW, Australia)

Destination: Monet’s home & garden (Giverny, France)

During the springtime of 2019, where I took travelling for granted and gallivanted freely on the other side of the world not worrying about contracting any virus or avoiding any rallies, I was here at Giverny. Giverny, is a small town in the region of Normandy, northern part of France. The famous impressionist artist Oscar-Claude Monet built his home and garden here, living there for … Continue reading Destination: Monet’s home & garden (Giverny, France)

Top 10 Wanderlust Movies

We’re half way through 2020 and I am claiming that some of you are dreaming about travelling off to a foreign land, or perhaps revisiting old favourites. Even if you weren’t even thinking about it, maybe some visual narratives will help to remind ourselves, travelling teaches tolerance, educates the mind, and feeds the soul. So here, I made a list of personal film favourites, to … Continue reading Top 10 Wanderlust Movies

Flaneur vs. Flaneuse

Type Flaneuse in the search engine and you will find a reference to the word Flaneur. Flaneur is a French noun for a “stroller”, “loafer”, “lounger” and “saunterer”. It also refers to an individual who physically strolls with a philosophical outlook in perceiving passing moments. Its core meaning is to literally “to wander with no purpose”. It was a literary term used commonly in literature … Continue reading Flaneur vs. Flaneuse

Skincare: Fragonard Vrai review (Grasse, France)

If you’ve been on a tour package around the South of France, your bus might have made a stop here, Fragonard Parfumeur in the French Rivera. Here is a product of theirs, that I think is worth making a fuss about.  The House of Fragonard has been in shop since 1926, it is named after the location’s most famous painter Jean-Honore Fragonard (a tribute to … Continue reading Skincare: Fragonard Vrai review (Grasse, France)

Restaurant: Benoit (Paris, France)

I pushed the glass door and stepped in, unsure of where to place myself. A tall young man greets us spritely and ushers us in, asking us of our booking details. We are then seated, instantaneously we are transported to the yesteryears of Paris. Located in the heart of Paris, Benoit was established back in 1912. Now under the Alain Ducasse franchise, Benoit does not … Continue reading Restaurant: Benoit (Paris, France)

Restaurant: Seine River Dinner Cruise (Paris, France)

Okay, I admit it, every now and then I book my touristy obligations and this has to be one of the better ones. Yes, you’re herded like cows like in factory farms, but the scenery where the cruise takes you into a short 75-minute cruise will leave you wanting more. Even if the food is something secondary to the entire experience, I would recommend you … Continue reading Restaurant: Seine River Dinner Cruise (Paris, France)